Sustainability News Week 3

And the WINNER IS ………….

Thank you for all the input suggestions for the renaming of the 9R shed. The new name is 

                             The Eco Shed 

Here is how the voting went:

Every Tuesday at lunchtime, the sustainability students work in partnership with the Rotary Club of Cambridge to maintain our 9 R garden. We have carrots, beans and sweet peas growing at the moment. A big welcome to Libby from Rotary Cambridge who has joined Mr Jeremy Wood to assist the students in the garden. The photos are of the students in the 9 R shed working with Mr Wood from Rotary Cambridge.  

If you would like to come along for 20 minutes at lunchtime on Tuesdays to help with weeding and planting then please met us at the 9R shed at 1.10pm any Tuesday. Your help will be greatly appreciated. 

Sheree Samsa

Sustainability Leader