Sustainability News Week 6

CPS is holding a Containers 4 Change class competition throughout this week and finishing on 16th June.  The money raised will go to purchasing solar buddy lights. Students in year 5 will be part of the process of putting these lights together. They are then sent to a third world country and distributed to students that have poor lighting at home. These lights greatly improve the literacy of students because they have a safe light to read with at night.

All 10c containers are accepted. Simply get your child to bring C4C to school and the Environmental Officers will count and store the containers in the correct bins.  The winning class will receive a free incursion from Bunnings where each student will learn to make a bird feeder that they can keep.  






Thank you to the wonderful families that have been donating their C4C. We are encouraging ALL students to try and bring in containers as this demonstrates our PBS value of participating and giving to those less fortunate.  

Mrs Samsa  

Sustainability co ordinator