Sustainability News – Week 7


Wow! What a terrific turn out we had for the Busy Bee on Sunday! I would like to thank all the families that attended. We achieved so much in the two hours. Filling the garden beds with new soil, planting vegetables, sweeping and cutting back overgrown shrubs were some of the jobs we completed. A big thank you must go to our teachers, Mrs Osterberg and Mr Johnson for giving up their time to come in on Sunday. You are both champions!  

Mrs Osterberg and I have spent many hours applying for a grant from Stirling Council so that we can add a large sun sail over the compost stations. This is needed so that the students are not working in the harsh sun. We also have applied to the council for funding to improve the signage around the Eco Shed. I will keep you updated on the outcome!  

Last week we received a new supply of worms for the worm farms. Worms are important because they eat the scraps from the canteen.  


are every Tuesday! Please make sure that you pack a lunchbox with no non-recyclable waste on a Tuesday. Bento lunch boxes are very environmentally friendly because they require no plastic

wrapping. Try to set a good example to your children by minimising your use of alfoil, chip packets and plastic etc in the lunch box.  

Mrs Osterberg and Mr Johnson will be taking over the running of the Eco Shed as I am on leave for 6 weeks. (4 weeks plus the school holidays) Please refer to them if there are any queries or concerns.   


Thank you 

Mrs Samsa