Sustainabillity News Week 7

Ava E  Kavya K Saanvi N Angelina  LL
Lachie D  Makayla M Selina Q Obie M
Zane T Chloe McD Emelyn R  Abigail M 
Anastasia  A              Becca P Kelly S Lara S 
Stella A Jack P Edeline T  Darcy L 
James D Jesse S  Sam W  Jacob C  
Bethany D Nella S Lewis B Keira K 
Ella M Omar T   Tina W 


Students work on their jobs at lunchtime each day. They have proven to be outstanding Environmental Officers thus far. 


The chickens have been around a long time at CPS, they are part of our school culture and are very important to the students. While it is great to have the chickens back at school we still require more parents to join the roster to feed the chickens on the weekends. This is a lot of fun and only requires families dropping off scraps and checking the water and feed. In return, you get to keep the lovely fresh eggs.  Please contact Gemma if you can assist. 


Every Tuesday we hold a waste-free lunch where classes get rewarded for not having any litter in their lunch box. Please support this idea and help our environment by reducing your child’s packaging.  


The 9 R shed is needing an upgrade. We would like to rename the 9 R shed because the name is not as relevant in 2022.  If you have a suggestion for a new name please email it to 

Thank you to Joe Ariyaratnam for clearing the neglected area next to the chickens. Mr Aickin has offered to pave the area. Thank you to Gemma Taylor and Jemma Weidinger for their assistance with the costings for the grant that we have applied for to assist with the 9 R upgrade. If you would like to be on the upgrade committee and have input into the signs and designs, then please contact Gemma T, Jemma W or Mrs Samsa in Room 5.  

Mrs Samsa

Sustainability coordinator.