Term 2 – Drop-off and Pick-up guidelines

Welcome back to Term 2. Please note that there are additional requirements for parents in regards to dropping off and picking up students, starting from the first day of school. Please find the ‘Taking my child to school guidelines’ and a map showing entry and exit points at the bottom of this post. A summary of the main points can be found below.

• Parents are not to be on school site.

• Please adhere to the drop off and collection times and areas.

• Please adhere to the 1.5 distance rule when dropping off and collecting children

• Please do not use other entry points of the school.

• No lunches are to be brought onto school grounds during the day.

• Administration office will not be open to parents. Please either ring or email the front office with your queries.

Thank you for your cooperation with this. We greatly appreciate your support ensuring the safety of staff and students.