Term 3 Visual Art News

Welcome back everyone. The classes have settled in with such focus and enthusiasm after the holiday break and I am so pleased to see so many art shirts protecting uniforms.

Every class has looked at the concept of CREATIVITY and what this means. Here are some brainstormed points from different classes.

Our young artists have created a post-it note art design to add to our Post-It Note Mural found at the back of the art room. Please come and have a look. Every child from pre-primary to year six have contributed their own image. Together it is a wonderful merge of ideas, skill and creativity.

This term the art program will take inspiration from the STEAM and Science investigations being investigated in the student’s classroom. In class we will be looking at technology, technique, history and process of print making by exploring a variety of printing techniques and renown print makers. (i.e. Foam print, Mono print, hand prints, Lino print, Gel press print, stamping, reduction print, laser print and photocopy.)

If you have any expertise or work in the print industry, please contact me if you are keen to share your knowledge with our classes.