Thank you to the amazing CPS P & C!

On Friday 23 July was P & C Day WA. On this day, we take the time to reflect and appreciate the hard work that our wonderful P & C contribute to our student’s learning experience. The P&C are the glue that supports our whole school community, providing the ability to host our many numerous events and make generous contributions that support student learning and experiences. Through the commitment, energy and dedication to organising events such as the Welcome picnic, lapathon, Easter raffle and cake stalls, or providing financial support to purchase much-needed classroom resources. To funding new and interesting play areas and facilities such as our nature playground and the new frog pond, or keeping the 9R shed running, supporting busy bees and fostering community through the Father’s DUCKS program…..we just cannot be grateful enough! The list goes on and on and none of these things would run as smoothly or be possible if it wasn’t for the organisation and hard work of our P & C members.

So…to all P & C Committee members and parents and families members that have offered their time and effort this year, students and staff at Churchlands PS say THANK YOU!