The Music Review Week 3

The Cup Song Challenge- fun was had by all 
The cup song challenge for years 3 and 4 was held this week, and today all performers are receiving a prize. Those with the highest skills will receive BIGGER prizes……. 

 Thanks to years 5 and 6 – those brave few who came along too. We won’t forget you either. 

CHUMT Show 2022 

The annual Churchlands Music Talent Show launched today at school for years 1 – 6. 

Children are encouraged to sign up and have a go.  Preparing and auditioning is a big achievement and all children will receive a participation certificate.  

Auditions will be held in weeks 6 and 7, so sign up on one of the sheets by the end of week 5, please. 

(Year one and two auditions will be held in music class time.) 

 For further details, please see the poster below. 


HOTNOTES Orchestra and String Orchestra to WASO 

In week 7 both orchestras will attend a concert held at the Perth Concert Hall to see the WA Symphony Orchestra perform. There will also be a Q and A by WASO members before the concert. 

Please be sure to send the skoolbag permission form back if you have not done so already. 

Michael Howesmith – Music Specialist 

13 May 2022