The Music Review Week 5

The Music Review  

Symphony Orchestra excursion parent helpers 

As both orchestras will attend a concert held at the Perth Concert Hall to see WASO perform, Mr Howesmith requires 2 parent helpers to attend for supervision. Any orchestra parents available in Week 7, (Thursday 9 June), who are happy to meet us there or take the bus at 8.35 am, please email Mr H. 

CHUMT Show 2022 

Auditions for the annual Churchlands Music Talent Show start next week (Week 6).  

Year 1 and Year 2 auditions will be held in music class time, whilst Year 3-6’s will have an audition schedule which will be put up on the music room door on Monday.  Auditions will start Tuesday 31 May.  Anyone who is absent will get to do their audition when they are ready. 

Flute mentor 

Pictured below are Darcy and Emily with their flutes. Emily is a Year 5 flute student through the IMSS (instrumental Music Services to Schools) program here at Churchlands and Darcy is a more experienced private flute student giving Emily some hints and tips in a mentoring role this term. 

Michael Howesmith – Music Specialist 

27 May 2022