The Music Review – Week 5

Rehearsal times for Week 6 – next week!! 

Please note, I will Seesaw the current times each Tuesday or Wednesday as a reminder for VOICE and HOTNOTES members. 

The roster for next week is; 


Week 6 (even weeks) Rm 10 & 11 – before school at 8.00 am sharp – arrive as early as 7.45 am

Rm 12 & 13 – 8.40- 9.10 am – arrive at 8.35 am sharp ready to roll in. 


Week 6 (even weeks) Woodwind, Brass, Percussion at the 7.45 – 8.35 am slot.  

String section, inc. Piano, will rehearse from 8.35 am 

 MUSIC ….. gives you wings  

As discovered by some of the String Orchestra members on Tuesday morning when a small feathered friend was found perched happily in the music room since, we gather, the evening before. 

 Michael Howesmith – Music Specialist 

4 March 2022