The Music Review Week 7

VOICE performing at ANZAC Ceremony in full uniform 

Although our ANZAC Ceremony will not include parents, and students will stay indoors, the ceremony will still take place, with VOICE performing I Still Call Australia Home.  


Please organise your uniform and arrive dressed for a dress rehearsal next Thursday 

UNIFORM – VOICE shirt from the uniform shop with black shoes, black socks, Black pants or leggings and black hair accessories.

Click on the youtube link below to sing along with our whole school ANZAC Song – My Oath To Australia by John Williamson 

Rehearsal times for odd and even weeks- please see below

Please note, I will Seesaw the current times each Tuesday or Wednesday as a reminder for VOICE and HOTNOTES members. 






Recorder catch up 

After some changes to the cello timetable, these three Year 4 girls had some quick catch-up sessions with Mr Howesmith to bring them up to speed in line with their fellow ‘Year 4 Recorders’.

Well done (L-R) Catherine, Abbey and Carol. 







Here’s a picture of our amazing String Orchestra under the direction of Mrs Carter, currently rehearsing on Tuesdays in the senior undercover area. 




Michael Howesmith – Music Specialist 

18 March 2022