The Music Review Week 9

The Cup Song Challenge

The Cup Song Challenge – Years 3 and 4 is to be held early next term.

Next week, we will be having a Year 5 and 6 Cup Song Challenge. 

Come along to learn the cup song if you don’t know it, or get better if you do….

Sign up on the Cup Song Challenge sheet on the music room door to be a part of the fun.  

Year 5 session is Tuesday Lunchtime (6’s will be held on Thursday, or combined with 5’s) 

There will be prizes on both days for; 

  • best overall performer; singing the cup song and performing the cup rhythm too 
  • Best group performance 
  • Fastest and most accurate cup performer 

Click here to see poster attached 


VOICE will be performing at the ANZAC Ceremony in full uniform. 

Although our ANZAC Ceremony will not include parents, and most students will stay indoors, the ceremony will still take place, with VOICE Senior Choir performing I Still Call Australia Home.  

The dress rehearsal was a success yesterday, and those students still organising the final parts of their uniform know what they have to do. 

Our bagpiper, Ian Young, will perform for us and ex-student Sotiris Katsaitis, currently from CSHS, will again play the Last Post. 

Click on the youtube link below to sing along with our whole school ANZAC Song – My Oath to Australia by John Williamson  


Ensemble rehearsals will continue to be split next term and limited to classroom sizes (max 32) as outlined in the latest government Guidelines for music in schools. Guidelines allow for mixed classes. Keep wearing those masks, everyone! 

Michael Howesmith – Music Specialist 

1 April 2022