Welcome back from the Art room

All the classes have settled with tremendous enthusiasm into the routine and procedures we follow in the art room. I have heard so many wonderful stories of holiday adventures and relish the student’s wonder of what they have seen and done. 

We have started the term with a focus on the Year of the Tiger and the Lunar New Year. When looking at art, we recognise how we are enriched by different countries, cultures and traditions, and how these elements of life heavily influence art. Luckily every class has students that have been involved in Chinese New Year and many students have readily shared their experiences and what they know about this New Year celebration. We are creating poster, lanterns and paintings with tigers, dragons, Chinese writing, fireworks…… 

Please enjoy photos of room nine students working on their ideas.  

My new art team, Eluid, Caitlyn, Abby and Emelie, are enthusiastic, busily helping sort stock and organising lunchtime workshops for students to enjoy. It is so good to be back together in class. 

Here they are at work. 

Please supply your child with an art smock or a reused adult shirt with their name clearly put on it. Although we use water-based paints and inks, some of the base dyes can still stain clothing and accidental splatters can happen. 

Many children have bought in their new art folders that are being stored in the art room. Some people are still getting their and when they are available please send the named folders to the art room 

Thank you for your support 

Melinda Cockerill