What is happening in the Art Studio – Term 2 Week 5

What’s happening in the art studio? 

Term Two Focus Aboriginal and Torres Strait Art Practice 

This week art classes had started looking at a variety of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Artists from around Australia. Each year level is looking at the art practice, main ideas, themes, and concepts in the artist’s works. My students are invited to respond, reflecting, and making connection to their own family, connection to country, and culture.  

The Pre-primary and year one students have looked the wonderful Waanyi artist Judy Watson from Northeast Queensland. Her multidisciplinary art practice includes printmaking and painting. Here the students have started their own multi-layered works of art by hand printing a dreamlike, watery blue wash on paper as their background layer. (We would have loved to use our feet like Judy Watson, however everyone enjoyed the sensation of cold, wet blue-toned handprints and their results.) 

Art Sparks Year One Wednesday workshop  

On Wednesday 15 May the Art Sparks invited the year one young artists to enjoy the Collage Cats Challenge. Please enjoy the photos of our busy workshop and the Photomontage of their creations. 

Thursday Raffle winners 

Congratulations to the wonderful Art Raffle winners from 9 May and 16 May.