What Makes a Successful Student?

Our students have taken some time over the past couple of weeks to think about ‘what makes a successful student?’ In each class students have brainstormed, cooperated, investigated and agreed on a list of attributes that makes a learner a successful one. Classes have been speaking about the fact that successful learners do much more than try to remember and recall facts, they are people who do things such as: persist, make mistakes and do their best. Today (Friday) Mrs Brown met with a representative from each class to hear their ideas. During lunch time the representatives met in the library to combine all of the class ideas into a single set of common statements about the things that helps us be successful students.

We’d love to hear parents’ ideas about ‘what makes a successful student?’ Add your ideas to the sheet of paper on the Junior Block wall, opposite the OSHClub.
‘What makes a successful student?’  will be shared with our whole school community next week, we will have a copy of the list in each class, a display in the library and it will be published in the next newsletter.