What’s happening in the art room 

Sculpture by the School 2023 

After a term of sculpture, looking at form by building art in three dimensions, it was so great to see all our artist’s creativity and dedication on display around the school yesterday. The classes installed their creations as an artist collective. The colour choices, movement, and variety of the various forms were so pleasing to see. 

Thank you to all the students, families and parents who supported the event by entering an artwork from home. WOW, we had 36 pieces that were entered ranging from the gigantic Rainbow Serpent with all the year two students contributing to its magnificence to Hunter and Buddys’ The Mummy on the Move and Emilia and Islas’ Minecraft Virus that all proved very popular. 

After counting all the votes from the community, for the People’s Choice Award, the winner was The Fairy Mushroom by Anna and Logan. Congratulations on your magical sculpture that wove its magic for a winning 54 votes. They will be presented with their prize on Monday. Well done everyone. I am so impressed with all your effort. 

Raffle Winners 

The winners of the art raffle for the last two weeks were really pleased to choose their prizes. Congratulations on engaging and excelling in art my fabulous artists. 

Term two Artist in Residence 

I have accepted an invitation from Paula Hart to contribute to an exciting collaborative, large-scale artworks with plastics for Curtin University. The artwork will be displayed in their Building 418 later this year. Paula is an award-winning artist, who has also worked in the Arts-in-Education sector for many years with exceptional results.  

Here was her enticing proposal… 


I have an overall design and I need the students to make age-appropriate components. 

With the younger students, we need to do lots of threading of lids and small objects. This is a great activity for fine motor skills, sorting, counting, and patterning. It caters to all abilities, and they also get to create quite substantial group works. 

With the older students, we will be making plastic flowers. This also involves fine motor skills, sorting, counting and patterning, but is also involves individual creativity. It caters to all abilities. 

The collection of plastics is a great exercise to link to sustainability education. 


With all the individual pieces, I will then compile all the components into a series of large-scale suspended artworks.  

The artwork will be displayed with plenty of information and publicity. 

She has asked for us to start collecting clean coloured plastics to use in her workshops and save them from landfill. Please look at the following attachment for a guide. 

Have a safe and creative break over the school break, 

Melinda Cockerill