What’s happening in the Art room – Week 5


Sculpture By the Sea opened today. The 19th Annual ‘Sculpture by The Sea’ at Cottesloe Beach will continue from 3-20 March. Please make time to visit this free, outstandingly beautiful and unique international art exhibition. Every year it delivers many surprises and challenges to make us think and laugh. Please take photos to share on our Sculpture Awe-wall at school. You can check out the details on the website. sculpturebythesea.com 

The lucky year four classes visited the exhibition on site this afternoon. Actively exploring heaps of different artworks, curiosity and wonder was felt by everyone. Wow, the year four artists showed so much creativity in producing their own awesome sculptures under the guidance of Sharyn Egan and Marcus Tatton, the talented exhibiting artists that led the workshops. Enjoy the photos ‘hot off the beach’.

Thank you to the wonderful parents who ventured with us to the beach, helping with the organisation of the groups. Without your amazing support excursions like this could not take place. It was a magic day enjoyed by everyone. 


On Thursday the Art Sparkz draw the Art Raffle and these lucky winners are grinners claiming their prizes. The Faction Boxes are filling with tickets. The prizes are small, fun gifts but the joy is having your name in the box so it can be drawn out. Good luck everyone for the next fortnight’s draw. 


Thank you for supplying your children with an old shirt or art smock to protect their uniforms.  I have received back ordered folders for many students that I have stored with the class collection in the art room.  


The Sustainability assembly showcased art from Year three, Room Seventeen. The art focus was sustaining our healthy, beautiful oceans and marine life. 


On Thursday 30 March we are holding our Sculpture by the School exhibition within the school grounds. Individual students, family groups or groups of friends can make their own sculptures to exhibit and enter the People’s Choice Award. My amazing artists have started their class sculptures. Room 10 are creating Beachy forms, using organic materials found on the school grounds. Rooms 14 and 11 are creating organic forms from cane and the year ones turned flat 2D paper strips into interesting playground forms.  

Thank you for your donations so far but we still require some extra donations.  

We are looking for clean, empty tinned food cans and plastic cool drink bottles. Plus, interesting metallic and plastic stuff like pull can openers, random screws, bolts, old useless keys, hinges, nails, clamps, trinket bits, springs, washers, chain, hooks, bottle caps and small things that are interesting shapes or textures. Please bring items to the art room for a raffle ticket. 

Thank you for your support, 

Melinda Cockerill