What’s Happening in the Art Room – Week 7

What’s happening in the Art Studio? 

SCULPTURE BY THE SCHOOL is happening on Thursday 30 March. Please come along to vote and admire our young artists’ ideas and efforts. 

Everyone is thinking, designing, enjoying, and making sculpture. Each class is developing their own sculptures to add to the class display, using different materials and techniques. It’s going to be an awesome exhibition. Enjoy these snapshots of artists at work.  

Your children are invited to create a sculpture to install on the school grounds. They can develop an individual piece or work with friends or family. Adults you can work with your children to create something together and have some quality fun time. All work needs to be labelled with artist names and a title for the art. Please bring the finished artwork in on the day before or on the morning of 30 March. 

You will be invited to vote ONCE for the People’s Choice Award. 

All artworks will need to be taken home that afternoon.  


The Raffle winners were jumping for joy this week when they collected their prizes. Congratulations to our winners. 


Thank you, Sean and Stella, for sharing your photos with us from Sculpture by the Sea. You have really captured the beauty of the exhibition.  

Please email me if you have any questions or photos to share. 

Your partner in education, 

Melinda Cockerill