What’s happening in the Art Room Week 7

Art is more than just crafts. Art is deep. Art is human. 

Art class is a place to tap into that core humanity and explore the stories we all share, as well as the stories that are unique. Art touches every person and every other subject. History, math, science, and all the rest. 

 Art is a powerhouse subject that has limitless benefits and learning opportunities. 

What Do Kids Learn from Looking at Art? 

Focus. When students look at art and keep noticing the elements of the artwork for 20+ minutes, they learn to focus on what they see. In our world of fast-paced media and short attention spans, this is an important exercise that will serve them well. 

Higher-Order Thinking. Interpreting art allows students to use their brains in more complex ways. When looking at art, students evaluate, analyse, compare, criticize, and construct meaning. 

Empathy. Looking at art helps students understand and better recognize the feelings of others across social and cultural boundaries. 

Connection. Looking at art in a group connects you with those in the group but looking at art also connects you to the past, to the artist, to the culture, and to anyone else who has also stood before that artwork. It’s a powerful feeling when you step back and see all the ways we are connected. 

Respect. Connecting with other cultures and new ideas through art invites students to step out of their comfort zone and into the world. This process can help them learn to respect the people and things that are different from them and their experiences. 

Observation and Awareness. Disciplined looking gives students a chance to notice details they may not have seen with a quick look. It trains the student to be more aware of the world they are in. 

Understanding Media/Images. The world we live in is flooded with images. Our kids need to be well-versed in recognizing the messages those images send. 

Understanding of Self. Art helps us figure out our thoughts and feelings and see the world and ourselves in ways that nothing else can. Our lives can be changed forever by an artwork that feels like it was made for us. 

Curiosity and Wonder. Art helps foster a sense of wonder and excitement about the world, inspiring creation and creativity in all aspects of life. 

(Cindy Ingram, artclasscurator.com) 

Assembly Backdrop Week Six 

This term we look at different artists and learn about their inspiration, culture and art practice. The Year One classes looked at the flowers of Vincent Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keeffe. 

Enjoy these amazing Sunflowers created by Room 3 Year 1. The children used black paper, glue, chalk pastels and a mysterious liquid that magically turned the chalk to a paint. We love the effect this created, unifying the amazing, strong colours together as our backdrop to the assembly. 

Enjoying Colour and Shape  

Sculpture by the Sea 

All the students have access to a Photo gallery from Sculpture by the Sea through Activities on Seesaw that they can select a sculpture of their liking and respond to through the app. During class, we have been looking at this gallery. The students can Screen Shot the image that saves it on the Camera Roll. This can be uploaded onto the activity for them to add their response.  

Thank you to the parents that took their students to enjoy the exhibition. The responses were thoughtful and showed great understanding. 

Here is a video link that has many of the teaching artists normally guiding workshops at the beach talking about their entries for your interest and enjoyment that you may like watching with the family. 



Thank you for your support,  

Melinda Cockerill