What’s Happening in the Art Studio – Term 2 Week 7

Most classes are focusing their art practise on the works of different contemporary Aboriginal artists. I am working closely with a wonderful resource from the The Art Gallery of South Australia called Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art in the Classroom 2. 

The pre primary and year one classes have been having fun experimenting with, Waanyi artist from northeast Queensland, Judy Watson’s layering printed images of objects. They are developing their work to tell a story with the shapes their objects made. It has focused on creating pattern and balance. 

The year six students have explored Indulkana(roughly 1200 kilometres northwest of Adelaide) artist Kaylene Whiskey’s art practise. Whiskey’s brightly coloured comic strip style paintings are known for their playful synthesis of popular and desert culture. Our CPS artists have developed their superhero characters, sharing icons and images of what popular culture is to them. 

The year three and year five students have started looking at Kala Lagaw Ya and Wuthathi artist Brian Robinson who grew up with Maluyligal and Wuthathi cultural heritage on Waiben (Thursday Island) in the Torres Strait.  

The year three artists, inspired by Robinson’s linocut designs, have begun creating designs related to water environments, to print using our foam blocks.  

The year five artists are developing imaginative painted paper blooms inspired by Robinson’s exhibition, Custodian of the Blooms 2014-16, introduced the students with the idea of constructing a tropical relief paper sculpture that collectively will make our own enchanted, magical, and whimsical garden.  

Year Two students are joining our Art Studio Yarning Circle to use raffia and wool to create a plant or animal inspired Boorongur (totem). Noongar artist Sharyn Egan’s art installations at the Art Gallery of WA and her entry in the Sculpture by the Sea 2024 will be our creative inspiration. 

We hope to have much of our inspired artworks adorning the school to celebrate NADOC week. Watch this space. 

Art Raffle Winners are grinning with pride.