What’s happening in the Art Studio Week 3

All the classes have enjoyed experimenting with shape and colour and cooperating with their fellow artists in the most amazing art class at Churchlands Primary. It makes my day so special to see the enthusiasm, awe and wonder that my young artists express.

This term we have started with a focus on literature, collaborating with classroom and specialist teachers.

The year one and two classes have heard a variety of tales involving Giants. In their home class, they are exploring fairy tales and in music and drama, the classes are delving into the sounds and characterisation of being a Giant. During art, my amazing artists played with size and perspective to create an optical illusion that is Giant. Oversized shoes and tiny heads, crazy fairy tale clothes and gigantic expressions tell wonderful stories.

The year three and four artists have created their own Wild Thing after listening to ‘Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. The year three/four artists loved creating Wild Things with interesting textures with incredible coloured patterns, showing their ‘terrible teeth’ and their ‘terrible claws’. See room nine’s gallery.

The year five and six classes have designed Soda Drink Can labels. Enjoy the detail and brilliant ideas from room 11’s labels. They will be attached to cylinders for a sculptural effect. I am so proud of the efforts of these classes.

Thank you, P and C, for supporting the student’s learning and organising artist in residence, Summer Brinkworth to guide us in painting the Aboriginal Seasonal Poles last year. They look amazing brightening up and adding deeper meaning to the new Adventure Play Space. It is astounding how they enhance our school grounds.

Loving my job,

Melinda Cockerill