Year 6 Councillor Fundraiser – Dress up as someone you admire day!

To continue our support of our SolarBuddy initiative, the Year 6 Councillors will be hosting a fundraising event on Thursday 16th September. This year’s theme is: Dress up as someone you admire!

Students are encouraged to dress up as anyone they look up to and could include artists, movie stars, sports players, leaders or even loved ones at home! Students are also asked to bring in a gold coin donation to go towards our SolarBuddy program.

In week 10, year 5 students will be putting together this year’s batch of solar lights which will be shipped off to a developing country for use in rural areas. Supporting this year’s dress up day will go a long way towards continuing our partnership with SolarBuddy and purchasing next year’s batch.

Read for more information on the SolarBuddy program.